These are the design reports for modules completed in my junior design course, summer semester 2021.

PCB Design Module

PCB Design Module Report

The first module focused on learning PCB design in Altium by designing a PCB for a schematic that was provided to us. In my case, the circuit was a simple guitar amplifier.

Introduction to Microcontrollers

Intro to Microcontrollers Report

The second module of the course introduced the PIC18F47K40 microcontroller that we used throughout the rest of the course. This first project was very simple with the goal of either flashing an LED or beeping a piezo buzzer given the state of a single switch.

Microcontroller Ohmmeter

Microcontroller Ohmmeter Report

This module expanded on the fundamentals built in the first microcontroller module. In this iteration multiple new components and peripherals were added. The end functionality is the use of an internal ADC to calculate the resistance across a set of terminals with the resistance being output to an LCD.

Function Generator

Function Generator Report

This module further expanded on the concepts explored in previous microcontroller modules. For this project, the PIC was used in conjunction with an external LT1661 DAC via a SPI interface. The end result was a function generation with variable amplitude and frequency with selections available for sine, sawtooth, triangle, and square waves.

Elementary Preamp

Elementary Preamp Report

With the microcontroller modules completed, the last few projects focused more on analog design. The first in this series was an elementary preamplifier. Through a series of circuits, an audio preamp was ultimately constructed to drive an 8 ohm speaker using an LM386 opamp.

Power Supply

Power Supply Report

In this module, an AC transformer, rectifier, peak detector, and different forms of voltage regulation were combined in order to produce a 5VDC power supply.

Active Filter

Active Filter Report

For the final standard module in the course, we were tasked with building an active filter with requirements for center frequency, passband width, and stopband attenuation. The final result was a 4th order Bessel filter centered around the LT1632 opamp.

Final Project

Final Project Report

The requirements for the final project were relatively open ended as compared to the standard modules. The requirements included a number of analog/digital inputs and outputs centered around the PIC microcontroller used in earlier modules. An emphasis was put on PCB design, with the final project required to be implemented on a custom built board.